MEP Generator Modernizations



  •  Aftermarket Governor Actuator Improves Engine Load Response

  • Fail Safe Design - Eliminates Need for Troublesome Magnetic Fuel Shut Off

  •  Limited Adjustment Necessary

5kW and 10kW TQG
(MEP-802A/812A, MEP803A/813A)

Simple 3 Component Conversion from Mechanically Governed To Electronically Governed

  •  Mechanical Governor Override Left In-Tact for Fail Safe Operation

  •  Precise Isochronous Governing Allowing for Fuel Savings and Clean Power to Run Sensitive Equipment

  •  CAN Bus and USB Communication

  •  Standard Features also Include Black Smoke Reduction, Speed Ramping, Engine Operating Protections, and Much More

  •  Optional Control Display

15kW TQG
(MEP-804A/814A, MEP-804B/814B)

Modern Digital Governor Controller

  •  J1939 TSC1 Capability

  •  Complete Fault Protection & Logging

  •  Idle Function, Black Smoke Reduction, Fuel Ramping to Improve Efficiency

  •  Optional Generator Controller Display