Hawkeye Innovation is a Veteran owned small business focused on providing solutions to meet your needs. 

From the simple to complex solution – we are here to provide that solution!


Build to Print

Hawkeye Innovation has robust manufacturing capabilities that provide real time and rapid solutions to the customer’s needs.  Our team of dedicated employees ensures that the customer receives a quality product to operate in the harshest environment. Our competitive costing is based on our ability to acquire the best quality components with experts in acquisition. 


Electronic component support

Hawkeye Innovation offers quick turn PCBs from concept review, to design, to DFM and execution or built-to-print with high-value solutions and increased throughput. Through volume production using the flexible work cell methodology, enabling us to rapidly react to your requirements. Design for Manufacturability feedback is offered to our customers to reduce the opportunity for defects and increase overall production yields.


Do you need test stands / harnessing or custom enclosures?

Hawkeye Innovation has the ability to manufacture custom designed panels and cables/harnesses to customer specifications ranging from low-vol­ume, custom assemblies to high-volume commercial products. We also offer the ability to develop custom test stands using our broad range of application experience. We can custom create CSA, UL, etc.. certified enclosures or boxes of any kind.


We can generate customer-specific schematics & wiring diagrams with a large selection of connectors, components, displays, power supplies, meters etc.. Custom low-volume harnessing with many wire color options, jacketing, wire gauges, and in-stock connec­tor options.  On-hand and available as a single source provider!


Mechanical Specialties

Hawkeye Innovation has full coil winding capability in-house with quick turnaround on most designs. No coil size is too big or too small! All of our coils are manufactured to stringent mechanical and electrical standards to ensure quality and consistency of each coil assembly. Many sizing options with typical coil wire gauges of 26 to 15 gauge in both standard and heavy build wire

Hawkeye Innovation has the resources and capacity to offer light machining to our customers with the precision required to exceed even the most stringent requirements with CNC machining centers with an expert machinist to ensure all high-end specifications are met.


Refurbishing to factory standards

Hawkeye Innovation can refurbish many military grade generators – getting them back to factory level operation!  Test cell capability ensures full operational capacity at any load.

Hawkeye Innovations Terms and Conditions

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Sean T. Collins (Founder /Owner)


A combat Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan who is dedicated to ensuring that quality is part of every project attempted.  He leads a team of dedicated professionals who are experts in manufacturing, engineering, quality, and sales support.  He has a vast amount of experience in manufacturing on all levels – leading large management teams on complicated engine system designs and solutions.  He has worldwide manufacturing experience with expertise in international relationships.   His military experience has given him a firsthand look at the warfighter needs and he is focused on meeting any mission requirements!