Engineering and Design

Our dedicated team works alongside Governors America Corp. (GAC) engineers to handle all engineering and design assistance—whether you are looking for build to print services with your designs, or need more with additional design services. In addition to retrofitting older engines we are capable of providing:

  • Designs to customer specifications
  • Build to print services
  • Reverse engineering
  • Research and development
  • Advanced sourcing
  • Product improvements or redesign
  • Specialty application engineering
Engineering and Design

Our dedicated team includes

  • Mechanical, electrical, firmware and software engineers
  • Systems application engineers
  • Industrial, production, and process engineers for product improvements or redesigns
  • Advanced logistics and procurement specialists
  • Test engineers

Our capabilities include generating customer-specific schematics and wiring diagrams with a large selection of connectors, components, displays, power supplies and meters.

We can also review and get in front of obsolescence by reviewing drawings and ensuring the design will withstand time and regulatory hurdles.



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