Contract Manufacturing Services

Hawkeye Innovation is dedicated to quality services in military standard manufacturing,
testing, design engineering, assembly, precision machining, installations, repairs, overhauls and equipment maintenance.
We can design and build anything for anyone within our capabilities.

Military Contract Sourcing

Military Contract Sourcing

We are the official distributor of Governors America Corp. (GAC) military products. If you are a government representative or a third-party company with a government solicitation, reach out to us to request a quote.

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Circuit Boards: Prototype to Production

We offer quick turn printed circuit boards (PCBs) and handle everything from concept review, to design, to execution. Our highly experienced team, backed by Governors America Corp., has access to a wide variety of circuit parts.

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Contract Manufacturing

In addition to our printed circuit board capabilities, we also offer:

  • SMT Assembly
  • Electronic assembly
    • Potting
    • Casing
    • Testing
    • Cable harness assembly
  • Mechanical assembly
    • Pressure testing
  • Electromechanical assembly

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CNC Machining

Vertically integrated alongside Governors America Corp., our full-service CNC machine shop fully supports our build-to-print services. We also offer CNC milling and tuning as well as rapid prototyping 3D printing services.

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