Hawkeye innovation is a veteran-owned small business dedicated to quality services in military standard manufacturing, testing, engineering, assembly, installations, repairs, overhauls, and equipment maintenance. As a partner of Governors America Corp, we specialize in engine and power generation systems.



Mil-Standard Test Methods

5 Engine Test Cells

Emissions Data Gathering Equipment

Mechanical Shock and Vibration Verification Lab

2 Environmental Chambers       

  • Salt Testing

  • Temperature Extremes

  •  Humidity Testing

  •  Electro-Static Discharge

  •  Power Supply Transient

Engineering and Design


  • Advanced Sourcing

  • Build-To-Print or Reverse Engineering

  • Product Improvements / Redesign

  • Military Grade Robust Testing

  • Specialty Application Engineering

  • Full-Time Mechanical, Electronic, and Software Engineers 

Electrical engineer working on circuit b


  • Generator Set Refurbishing

  • Emissions Testing

  • Load Testing

  • Modernization 

  • Diesel/Gaseous Engine Maintenance

  • Engine/Generator Control System Installations

  • Expert advice and support